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Peter Wiles Driver Training is an independent school based in Hebburn, offering a range of structured driving lessons and courses tailored to the need of the individual pupil.
  • Complete Beginner
  • As a complete novice you will no doubt be nervous, and a bit anxious, but don't let that stop you. If you are over 17? and got your provisional licence? start your lessons now. Following the standards set by the DSA in driving skills development you will be taught at your own pace, no matter how slow you want to take it. This will allow your confidence to grow as your ability develops. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to sitting your driving test and with Peter Wiles Driver Training you will find the whole learning experience quite enjoyable.
  • Pass Plus
  • Pass Plus is a 6 module training course developed by DSA to further develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience.Pass Plus is more then just a few more driving lessons. It will give you further diving experience under expert tuition on how to deal with situation you may not have faced before such as driving in motorways, adverse weather conditions or driving in dark. Generous discounts on car insurances are available for many major insurance companies for those completing pass plus.
  • Partly trained Driver
  • Sometimes after taking a few lessons you may wish to change your instructor. As a partially trained student, you will first be assessed for your level of driving skills and a course of lessons will be tailored to take you from your current standard right through to your test.
  • Defensive Driving / Refresher course
  • A full license holder sometimes ask for a refresher course for a variety of reasons. Maybe an accident has made you reassess your driving skills, or you may be returning to driving after a gap. Refresher courses are designed to help you gain the confidence of town driving, polishing up on manoeuveres and driving in adverse weather conditions. Defensive driving courses are tailored to suit the needs of individuals in helping them become a much more confident and relaxed drivers.
  • Test re-take
  • I can help you to pass your driving test after a failure. I will book an assessment lesson first to see how many further lessons you may need.
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Some online Driving Theory Test Sources

To aid your preperations on your way to driving test, three Driving Test Videos from Driving Standards Agency, DSA are included.

Whether you are a learner or a qualified driver you can test your driving knowledge with a mock theory test prepared by UK Learner Drivers which is composed of a series of questions on driving theory - just like those you will encounter in the theory test itself.

After completing the first part of the driving theory test, the hazard perception test is taken. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) doesn't release the actual hazard perception test clips. However, Driving-Test-Success.com has collated six hazard perception video test clips which are taken from the official DSA practise bank so they give a good idea of what you will need to do when taking the actual hazard perception test. There are many other sources which provide free Demo. Videos on hazard perception test.

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